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Fish Logger  is a fully functional digital scale, but its connectivity makes it so much more.  Fish Logger works with an app on your phone to record more than a dozen data points about your catch.  It records location, a host of weather conditions, photos, and even lets you input the tackle you used.  Fish Logger turns your catches into a searchable database of where you have had the most success in any given condition to take the guesswork out of picking your fishing spots.


ICAST Press Release 7-8-19:

News from Fish Logger Smart Fishing Scale Launched at ICAST 2019 in OrlandoFish Logger, the new smart fishing scale from Number 6 Brands,was introduced to the fishingmarket at ICAST in Orlando. Fish Logger is a fully functional digital scale with connectivity features thatrecord every detail of every catch “Fish Logger is the world’s smartest fishing scale,” said William Green , National Sales Manager .“And it makes you a smarter fisherman by recording more than a dozen data points about your catches.”The Fish Logger proprietary smartphone app, included with each scale takes, those dozen plus data points and builds a searchable database of locations and condition s to take the guesswork out of picking fishing spots. The corrosion resistant, stainless steel Fish Logger scale will weigh fish up to 50 lbs. It includes a tape measure, remote camera control and the Fish Logger app. The app records the location, weather conditions, wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, time,date, lure used, species, weight and length of each catch.“Fish Logger’s camera control feature allows you to take awesome pics even when you don’thave a buddy around to help ,” Green You can easily share your photos on social media right fromthe app. Don’t worry, Fish Logger will keep your location a secret.”For more informationon Fish L ogger , go to . MSRP is $49.99.About Fish LoggerFish Logger was created by fishermen who like to incorporate the latest technology to help thembe better fishermen. They wanted a simple way to keep track of trips from both a data and memorymaking standpoint. Fish Logger came from that des ire: a combination of data science and socialconnectivity . Fish Logger is part of the Number 6 Brands family of outdoor and smart living productsthat also includes Cauldryn and PahaQue Wilderness.# # #EDITORSFor more details or hi res images , contac t: Ken Ables, Venture: (619) 851 2503 or kenables09@gmail.comFish Logger 2-2-2-2Scale Features Includes Fish Logger smartphone app Weighs fish up to 50 lbs. Lip gripping Cull fish Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction Tape measure includedData recorded with app Location Photos Weather conditions Wind speed and direction Temperature Barometric pressure Moon phase Date Time Lure used Species Weight Length